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We are a specialized bunch of tech enthusiasts led by me, Fixerman, on a mission to solve all your gadget  repairs in Dubai whether a phone, laptop or tablet fix. We repair gadgets on the go in our FixerVan! Is it a broken LCD? An unresponsive mic? Is it an iphone screen repair? A samsung phone repair in Dubai? or a RAM upgrade you need on your laptop? It doesn’t matter. I’ll get it fixed at the comfort of where you are or you’re welcome to my Studio 907 in Business Bay. Get in touch now and I will find you a solution . FIXERMAN is a one stop shop for all your Gadget fixes and device repairs.

Our Services

We Fix Any Gadget, Any Problem, Anywhere Whether a Phone, Laptop or Tablet!

Why Choose Fixerman?


Depending your situation I give you three options to choose for your smartphone, tablet or laptop repair

I will come to you

I am constantly on the move in my FixerVan (Yes, that’s right!) fixing gadget and solving all your phone, tablet and laptop problems. Drop your location and I will come to you to fix your device immediately!

I will come pick it up

If you would like me to come pick up your gadget at a location of your convenience, I can do that as well. I will take it back to my studio, fix and drop it back to you ASAP.

You come to us

Are you in my hood? Meet me at Studio 907 at Sobha Ivory 1 in Business Bay, enter with a smile and leave your gadget with us while it gets healed.

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What do we fix

Phone & Tablet Repair

Screen Break

Battery Drainage

Body Repair

Camera Crack

Software Problems

Mic/Sound Problems

Laptop Repair

Screen Break

Battery Replacement

Keyboard Replacement

Ram Upgrade

Hard Drive Upgrade

Software Problems


Recycle your e-Waste

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